Transparency is an important principle of the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Therefore, should any of our activities cause harm to people, organizations or the environment, we are ready to take the necessary action. We are also interested in detecting any kind of fraud that may occur within the framework of the Programme to Support Protected Areas in Ukraine. We encourage you to report such cases if you witness them.

Your complaint will be treated in the strictest confidence and, if necessary, we will refer the matter to independent experts for investigation.

Please provide details if you witness:

  • Non-targeted use of funds provided by FZS by employees or contractors.
  • Abuse of authority in matters of financial and technical support.
  • Use of equipment provided by FZS for purposes other than its intended purpose.

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    Which is carried out as part of the implementation of the grant “Preservation of primeval forests, ancient forests and forests of high conservation value in selected nature conservation areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians”, which was provided by the German Ministry of the Environment within the framework of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), please use the complaint mechanism at the link :

    What issues will not be considered?

    • Personal complaints and insults against project team members.
    • Lobbying of specific organizations, service providers or personal interests.
    • Other issues that are not related to legal issues regarding the project.

    If you have a general (non-legal) question about the implementation of the project, please send it to the e-mail address