The origins of the name Synohora, alluding to the dark blue hue of the parks peaks when viewed from a distance, is clear to everyone who has visited. It creates a dramatic and inviting landscape, which has been protected as a National Nature Park (NNP) in order to preserve the unique natural complex of the Gorgan mountain massif, including the peaks of Small and Great Sivuli, Mount Igrovets and Mount Visoka, which all extend above 1800 m altitude.

Park area 108,66 Sq km.

types of plants
1270 ha
primeval and quasi-primal forests
animal species
tourist routes

The Synohora NNP is part of a renowned tourist route that transends the Eastern Carpathians. Here, you can see unique rocky outcrops with the ancient traces of glaciation processes intertwined with alpine meadows, Mount Igrovets and its historical World War I defence outposts, the stunning Maly Kuzminets waterfall, and the sources of the mighty Bystrytsia river.

 The park, extends for some 1227 hectares, of which 800 hectares are covered by primeval forests and ancient forests protected within the NNP’s boundaries. The forests are roughly equally populated by European spruce and mountain pine. The forests within the park thrive on the park’s inclines and rocky soils.

Cooperation with the Frankfurt Zoological Society

Biodiversity monitoring. To qualitatively monitor the state of biodiversity in the Synohora NNP, FZS utilizes the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) system. The system helps to collect, measure, and evaluate biodiversity data effectively and efficiently. Smartphones and other necessary equipment were purchased and provided to park security personnel. Additionally, training and ongoing user support is provided. Since 2021, camera traps have been used to monitor large predators. 

Operating cost support. Due to constraints on state funding as a result of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, FZS has been providing ongoing financial support for the implementation of the conservation plan in the NNP since May 2022. This assistance includes procuring office space, communications support, fuel expenses, and maintenance and repair costs for vehicles.

What do we do

By combining international experience with local knowledge and expertise, we support the preservation of the large areas of pristine and near-pristine nature in Ukraine. We mainly do this by supporting projects in major protected areas such as national parks, biosphere reserves, and large nature reserves.