Environmental education

People tend to protect what they love, and to really love nature it is important that people get to know it well. Sustainable conservation of the natural environment requires not only the protection afforded by nature reserves and national parks, but also engagement with local residents and support from the general public.

Children and young people are particularly powerful drivers of change. By studying the incredible diversity in natural ecosystems and living organisms in protected areas it can provide them with an impetus to broaden their horizons and inspire a sense of adventure and discovery. No matter what profession they choose in the future, a love of nature will often translate into caring and engagement with communities and the environment.

The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) supports the environmental and educational activities of nature reserves and promotes the adoption of best practices implemented in nature reserves and by non-governmental organizations in European countries. 

Together with specialists in Ukraine’s nature reserves, we will work in the following areas:

  • The development and implementation of an environmental education program for nature reserves with the involvement of European experts. The program will be based on common principles and adapted to each of the 14 partner nature protection institutions. 
  • The Creation of environmental educational centers for children focussed on protected areas. They will provide a space for children’s activities, lessons, and research, with the necessary tools to study nature provided .
  • Classes directly in nature, which will provide opportunities for field research in protected areas. Usually the most interesting acquaintance one can have with nature takes place not in the classroom, but in the forest and a visit to a national park or reserve will help visitors to understand what a protected area is and how it supports wildlife conservation efforts.

What do we do

By combining international experience with local knowledge and expertise, we support the preservation of the large areas of pristine and near-pristine nature in Ukraine. We mainly do this by supporting projects in major protected areas such as national parks, biosphere reserves, and large nature reserves.